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With years of expertise in protecting organizations and its information assets (data, servers, workstations, storage, networking, applications, etc.), You can be assured of zero security breach when you choose RerdSystems.

securedenterprise solutions

  • ID & access mgt
  • Data leak prevention
  • ID & access mgt

    Get a role-based access control, which lets system administrators regulate access to systems or networks based on the roles of users in your organization.


    The information stored on your network is critical to your business. However, inherent vulnerabilities in your computer systems can allow unauthorised users to exploit the same systems you are using to protect your data.

  • Data leak prevention

    At RerdSystems we put in place strong security measuresto ensure end users do not send confidential or sensitive information outside of the enterprise network.


  • Coinplux

    They were flexible, allowing us multiple opportunities to make the product suitable for us.

    Kwabena Owusu
    Kwabena OwusuCoinplux - Founder & CEO
  • Diesel Tech

    Working with their team has been a great experience, and it’s what made the app work.

    Kwabena Owusu
    Kwabena OwusuDiesel Tech - Founder & CEO
  • Umuazu

    RerdSystems team demonstrated high competence, a wide range of technical knowledge, great work organization and flexibility in adapting to our requirements.

    Rebecca Sowah
    Rebecca SowahUmuazu - Admin
  • Splash

    RerdSystems performed very well. They were very responsive and met all of our deadlines. They even kept me in check. It was great.

    Phil Kobby
    Phil KobbySplash - Founder

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A risk management program is a key tool in the execution of activities to implement protections through the identification of assets, threats to the assets, where vulnerabilities exist, and controls or protections that can be implemented to mitigate identified risks. We put in place strong measure, so the effectiveness of the risk mitigation efforts and the overall enterprise security program must be continually assessed for effectiveness and improvement.

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